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Hi!, I'm
Benson Gicheru, A Software Native & Technology Connoisseur

I started with software, and have consequently harnessed a skill set for executing top consumer masterpieces in the software industry, with a pan-African & global focus. Intertwined with a focus on leveraging the latest, most optimal technology approaches and infrastructure.


I'm in tech because that's what powers what you're reading this on, and will continue to fuel human advancement.

  • Name: Benson Gicheru/Ben
  • Email: hello@bensongicheru.com
  • Phone: +254-714-649278
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Expertise: Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, Gaming, Transport, Music, Event Tech, Legal
  • Best trait: Pick up skills fast
  • Other trait: Can't stay idle. Have to be doing something interesting.

Professional Profile

I have an innate skill set for leveraging the latest technology to create true value in consumer offerings & developing them to scale in established, emerging & underserved markets.

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Diversified Specialties

WEB3 Applications

5 years

Web Apps

10 years

Android Development

10 years

iOS Development

7 years

Team Leadership

7 years


  • Backend - Node JS, Python(Django), Java
  • Frontend - React, Solid.js, AngularJS
  • Native Android Development - Kotlin, Java
  • Native iOS Development (Swift)
  • Cross-platform App Development (Flutter)
  • Mini Program Development (M-Pesa Mini Apps, Alipay Applets, WeChat Applets)
  • Server Management (Linux servers - Cloud and Local Provisions)
  • Blockchain-based applications (Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Hedera, Stellar e.t.c)
  • WebRTC-based Video Conferencing (Teleconsultations, Social)
  • Wi-Fi/Telco Network Monetization (RADIUS - subscription internet models)
  • NoSQL databases
  • Communication Protocol Integrations (XMPP, SIP, SMPP, WebRTC, Web Sockets, Firebase)
  • Healthcare HIMS & PACS/RIS Experience


10 Years

I realize some of the most demanding software and hybrid requirements in the corporate, startup and non-profit scenes. With 10 years of direct involvement in finance, retail, transportation, healthcare, education, telco, legal, gaming, music, and event technology sectors.

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X20 Labs LTD

Software Lead

2013 - Present


2019 - Present


2021 - Present

Ben Gicheru

vast experience.
agile applications, highly scalable and customizable.
cross-platform app development.
awesome to talk to.